TES-AMM is now TES

Hello Dear Traders,

TES-AMM has evolved and matured over the last 10 years by expanding the services they provide and the geographies they operate in. They’ve grown from a single site in Singapore to 33 owned sites across 22 countries. They’ve acquired companies and diversified their capabilities, and believe that referring to what they do as “disposition” or, worse, “disposing,” doesn’t truly capture the work they do to protect your company’s reputation.To better capture the essence of their evolution they have updated their branding to better reflect the company they have become. This new face for TES doesn’t mean any changes for their clients. They will refer to their company as TES going forward (removing the “-AMM”), and they are introducing a new logo and marketing materials that embrace their position in the industry.
They see three distinct market segments that come together to become lifecycle management; visually they see this as 3 rings to symbolize the same.

The Green ring represents Recycling, Compliance, and Environmental Stewardship
The Blue ring represents IT Asset Disposition (asset recovery, value recovery, and
And the Orange ring represents Services (managed deployment, onsite data sanitization)

Using TES in marketing materials does not represent a legal name change or entity structure; all email addresses, payment remittance procedures, mailing, service requirements, etc. remain the same. You will still get the same transparent and secure IT lifecycle services that you are used to and you can still find them at www.TES-AMM.com.
For further information about Tes please contact mike.harrop@tes-amm.com
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