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How to create your DEMO WEBSITE

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In this section you can create a demo for your own website. We will make you a website with domain at ittradeonline.com if you opt for the specific membership package. By accessing My website you can have only a demo for a future website made by us. You can select the design settings that include general information using the details displayed there, menu, fonts and colors, then the products you wish to appear displayed on the website( showroom products, classifieds, inventory). In this section you have Messages that you see after somebody has filled your Contact form in your website.

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ITtradeOnline General Features

Dear ITTradeOnline Users,

ITtradeOnline Free Trial Registration

IT TRADE ONLINE is a specialized website that has the main objective to provide and manage correctly the information required by the trading partners, in order for them to meet and do business safely.

Here below you will find a brief description of our most important features. Please note that a good account usage will determine the feedback that you will receive and eventually will help you in making business on the platform

  • Broadcast Feature: we will offer you the possibility to send unlimited WTS/WTB broadcasts, to find easier a product if you click advanced search, to filter your categories and regions of interest

  • Inventory feature: ITTradeOnline offers the possibility to upload inventories either manually or automatically, to create your own wish list of desired items and to receive notifications when someone searches your inventory

  • Website feature: with our service, you can have a new website maintained through ITTradeOnline that allows your posts from Showroom, Bulk and Inventory to appear on the website.

  • Synchronisation : we can synchronise your stock from your website/software with the Inventory section from ITTradeOnline platform.

– IT TRADE ONLINE – the right place for traders to meet and do business –

Best regards