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Dear ITtradeOnline Users,

You can easily send a WTS (want to sell )or WTB (want to buy) Broadcast by logging on the platform and sending from the Broadcast Section or by simply adding our Broadcast emails in your list and sending directly to each of them(you need an account of course). Here is the list of our emails:

PC@ittradeonline.comnotebook@ittradeonline.com,servers@ittradeonline.com , NETWORKING@ittradeonline.comMACINTOSH@ittradeonline.comprinter@ittradeonline.com,monitors@ittradeonline.comSTORAGE@ittradeonline.comTELE@ittradeonline.comgsm@ittradeonline.com,electronics@ittradeonline.compos@ittradeonline.comBARCODE@ittradeonline.comCABLES@ittradeonline.com,SERVICES@ittradeonline.comSOFTWARE@ittradeonline.comOTHER@ittradeonline.com,APPLE@ITTRADEONLINE.COM, tablets@ittradeonline.com,smartphones@ittradeonline.com, IOT@ittradeonline.com

Let me know if you need further assistance

Best Regards

ITtradeOnline Team



How to create your DEMO WEBSITE

Help My Websites

In this section you can create a demo for your own website. We will make you a website with domain at ittradeonline.com if you opt for the specific membership package. By accessing My website you can have only a demo for a future website made by us. You can select the design settings that include general information using the details displayed there, menu, fonts and colors, then the products you wish to appear displayed on the website( showroom products, classifieds, inventory). In this section you have Messages that you see after somebody has filled your Contact form in your website.

ITtradeOnline Websites Gallery


How to post in the BULK Section

Bulk Section Direct Link 

In the BULK section you can post your BULK and BIG LOTS products. All Bulk show all the big lots posted on the website. You can search by keyword, part number, category, manufacturer. You can add your own BULK with title, description, part number, type, category, picture, manufacturer, you can tick Active to activate it or not and you can also tick show in website in order to appear also on the website we generated for you (if you have previously opted for the respective package). My BULK shows your own classifieds which you can browse by category and manufacturer. Conversations show the discussions you had with other members who replied or to whom you replied in reference to your/their bulk products.

Best Regards,

ITtradeOnline Team


ITtradeOnline About us

About us


IttradeOnline.com is a part of Roweb Development which is a software company with worldwide customers, located in Pitesti, Romania.

IttradeOnline.com was our first project and has become this way the fruit of our 15 years software and marketing experience. We don’t want to limit you to an account on another secondary market B2B web site. We want to offer you a complete service discussing together your necessities and find solutions.

Our mission is to offer a premium service based on interactivity between you and us, trying to increase your sales, organizing your data, helping you with our marketing ideas.

We would like new members come and start a new business in the computers area. We have the best suppliers of all important brands from all over the world: IBM, Sun, CISCO, Dell, HP, Compaq, Apple, Intel, Seagate, Kingston, Lucent, Microsoft, Alcatel, Nortel. We have the tool – they can create instantly their web site and they can start selling in their geographical area taking the advantage of our marketing expertise.

Company Data

Please fill in all your company data and description. Write all the necessary required details because this way you will show professionalism and reliability.

Best Regards

ITtradeOnline Team

One Month Free Trial Registration

On www.ittradeonline.com you have one month Free Trial registration.

You can easily test our platform without any credit card request or hidden fees.

Just click on the link, fill in your company details, wait for our approval(for security reasons we check carefully each company that registers: VAT number, Registration number, Trade Reference and full company details)

Note: After you create your account you will be able to login in the members section but you will have only READ rights. Please wait for the account to be approved by one of our staff in order to have full rights.

Free Trial Registration 

ITtradeOnline Platform Description

ITtradeOnline was built for one reason:

“To make it easy for anyone to buy and sell excess computers, computer parts and other hardware related inventory online.”

At ItTradeOnline, our goals are simple. We want to provide the simplest, most user-friendly website that anyone can use to buy or sell IT inventory. It’s important to us that buyers and sellers connect and transact without a hassle or red tape. And, we aim to have the best costumer service in the industry. We take our relashionships with our customers seriously and we hope it shows!

Some of the benefits of using ItTradeOnline include:
  • A trusted membership base. Integrity is very important to us
  • Our proprietary search functionality makes it easy to find exactly the part you want or an interested buyer
  • Targeted Broadcast blasts emails
  • Unlimited product listings
  • Best-in-class customer service