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How to upload an inventory on ittradeonline

Help Inventory

In the Inventory Section you can see All Inventories that were sent on the website, you can delete the inventories if you wish , download them and have quick access to your Inventory settings. You can upload your own inventory in excel or CSV file also from a HTTP URL or a FTP Server and you have there the credentials to insert your user name and password. You can easily search by part number, key word, condition, manufacturer, list, posted in last in the inventories sent on the website. My Inventory shows your own inventories, My Wish list shows the list of your preferred part number products you added there previously. The Conversations folder shows the conversations you had with other members regarding your inventories and interest in different products displayed there. In the notifications folder you will be notified when someone searches in your inventory if you selected this in your Profile Inventory Settings.

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How to send a Broadcast on our platform

First you need to login on the platform.

In the Broadcast section you can see All Broadcast that were sent on the website and also you can send a reply to one or more members that sent Broadcasts. You can delete, search, compose your own Broadcast and also have access directly to your Broadcast Settings. There is also an Advanced Search that helps you more to search by Category, Keyword, Posted in Last and Message type. My Received folder shows very clearly to you the Broadcasts you received by the categories you selected to receive from. Sent folder includes all the Broadcasts you sent, Draft folder has the Broadcasts that you saved as draft and Conversations folder shows the conversations you had with the other members who sent Broadcasts and replied to your message. Don’t Forget WTB means Want to buy and WTS means Want to sell.

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ITtradeOnline About us

About us

THIS YEAR 15 YEARS is a part of Roweb Development which is a software company with worldwide customers, located in Pitesti, Romania. was our first project and has become this way the fruit of our 15 years software and marketing experience. We don’t want to limit you to an account on another secondary market B2B web site. We want to offer you a complete service discussing together your necessities and find solutions.

Our mission is to offer a premium service based on interactivity between you and us, trying to increase your sales, organizing your data, helping you with our marketing ideas.

We would like new members come and start a new business in the computers area. We have the best suppliers of all important brands from all over the world: IBM, Sun, CISCO, Dell, HP, Compaq, Apple, Intel, Seagate, Kingston, Lucent, Microsoft, Alcatel, Nortel. We have the tool – they can create instantly their web site and they can start selling in their geographical area taking the advantage of our marketing expertise.

Company Data

Please fill in all your company data and description. Write all the necessary required details because this way you will show professionalism and reliability.

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ITtradeOnline General Features

Dear ITTradeOnline Users,

ITtradeOnline Free Trial Registration

IT TRADE ONLINE is a specialized website that has the main objective to provide and manage correctly the information required by the trading partners, in order for them to meet and do business safely.

Here below you will find a brief description of our most important features. Please note that a good account usage will determine the feedback that you will receive and eventually will help you in making business on the platform

  • Broadcast Feature: we will offer you the possibility to send unlimited WTS/WTB broadcasts, to find easier a product if you click advanced search, to filter your categories and regions of interest

  • Inventory feature: ITTradeOnline offers the possibility to upload inventories either manually or automatically, to create your own wish list of desired items and to receive notifications when someone searches your inventory

  • Website feature: with our service, you can have a new website maintained through ITTradeOnline that allows your posts from Showroom, Bulk and Inventory to appear on the website.

  • Synchronisation : we can synchronise your stock from your website/software with the Inventory section from ITTradeOnline platform.

– IT TRADE ONLINE – the right place for traders to meet and do business –

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ITtradeOnline Platform Description

ITtradeOnline was built for one reason:

“To make it easy for anyone to buy and sell excess computers, computer parts and other hardware related inventory online.”

At ItTradeOnline, our goals are simple. We want to provide the simplest, most user-friendly website that anyone can use to buy or sell IT inventory. It’s important to us that buyers and sellers connect and transact without a hassle or red tape. And, we aim to have the best costumer service in the industry. We take our relashionships with our customers seriously and we hope it shows!

Some of the benefits of using ItTradeOnline include:
  • A trusted membership base. Integrity is very important to us
  • Our proprietary search functionality makes it easy to find exactly the part you want or an interested buyer
  • Targeted Broadcast blasts emails
  • Unlimited product listings
  • Best-in-class customer service